Whataburger GiddyUp Gallup

Whataburger GiddyUp Gallup – Are you Ready? 5 Tips to Get You Race Ready

Get off the couch, grab the kids, grab your running shoes and get fit.

Sunday, October 21, 8 am – 11 am.

The family-friendly GiddyUp Gallop “Fun Run” is just around the corner.

Jump in on the family-friendly 1-mile gallop around the Hadley Complex. And with 14 weeks to go, there is still time to train for the 5K. For those runners amongst us, up your run with a 10K or our Virtual Half Marathon.

No official timing will occur, and all races are “fun runs,” meaning you are on the honor system and it is all about fun and fitness!

Join your family, friends, and neighbors for a great time. Runners are encouraged to wear their best Wild West Costumes and the first 400 entrants to cross the finish line receive a finishing medal and t-shirt. And there are lots of other prizes.

Get in on this morning dash, wild west costume contest, prizes, and music at the 2nd Annual GiddyUp Gallup sponsored by Whataburger. This fun and fit family event is not to be missed!

Entry fees:

  • 5K: $15
  • 10K: $20
  • “Virtual Half Marathon: $20
  • “1 Mile” Fun Run: $5

Registration is Saturday, October 20 from 10am-4pm. No day of race registration permitted.

Get your tickets here >

5 Tips To Get You 5K “Race Ready”

Race Ready Tip #1

Comfortable running gear is essential. Wear a good pair of shoes with adequate arch support. Your local sports store can help. And don’t forget seamless and moisture-wicking socks.

Race Ready Tip #2

Warm up is essential! Be sure to follow a good warm-up routine. Stretches will get the blood moving. Search the web for great pre-run stretch routines.

Race Ready Tip #3

Create a plan based on doing a walk/run and building up and be sure to get in 20-3 minutes three times a week. Always start with a walking warm-up of 5 minutes or so. Keep your focus on distance, not on increasing effort. Training guidelines abound on the web. And if you are serious, check out some of the inexpensive apps available like “Couch to 5K” available for Apple or Android.

Race Ready Tip #4

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. And don’t forget to breathe. Some runners link breathing tempo to foot strikes, breathing in every 2-4 steps and out every 2-4 steps. Find what works for you.

Race Ready Tip #5

Run your race. Don’t worry about your buddies or your partner. There is always someone faster, and someone slower.

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