Up Close And Personal – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About King Leg

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Lots of people don’t know what to make of King Leg. Looks definitely millennial with doses of vintage rock & roll and finally dipped in old-style Nashville. Sounds and looks pretty cool. Cool enough that King Leg is signed under Warner Music’s Sire records and currently touring in the country music scene as one the up and coming bands of the future.

Get to know the man, the band, and the music before you meet them face-to-face at the Las Cruces Music Festival this October. With King Leg, the name speaks for itself. Or so the artist says.

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#5 – What’s With The Name

Okay, the story going around is that the name comes from a cockroach though nobody knows anybody who names a cockroach much less call it “king” or “leg” for that matter. But you would see a tight jean-clad leg in the debut album.

“Is it a band, or a man? Sometimes I just say it is a state of mind,” King Leg says. “You know, when you’re just standing up there on your own two legs on a stage, and you just let the legs move you where they want to go. King Leg is an idea I had… It’s a lot to wrap my head around that this idea has come to fruition.”

Well, we kind of get the gist.

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Dwight Yoakam  •  Randy Houser  •  Sawyer Brown
Rick Trevino  •  King Leg  •  Frankie Ballard  •  Brennin

#4 – Legends And All

There must be something to King Leg if you have legendary music icons gathering together and putting together your debut album. First off, he is signed with Sire Records and the signer? None other than Seymour Stein, the legendary impresario that signed music greats such as the Ramones, Madonna, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Ice-T, and the Talking Heads just to name a few.

“When I heard King Leg’s music, I was totally blown away,” Stein excitedly says. “Not just by the immediacy of the songs, but also the extraordinary voice…reminiscent of the great Roy Orbison.”

And the man himself says this, “It’s unreal…it’s the ultimate validation as a songwriter and singer.”

How did all these come about? Well, if you have Warner Music’s big boss saying there’s this amazing new artist, you very well listen.

“I was very excited when Warner Bros. Records’ legendary producer…Lenny Waronker told me about a new artist…and he thought that Sire would be a great home for him and his music,” Sten relates.

“King Leg may be young, but musically he is fully mature,” Stein adds.

It just seems interconnected with Stein, the man who discovered The Smiths, as part of the musical team backing the new artist and iconic music rule-breaker Dwight Yoakam.

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#3 – And Another Legend Adds In

If Stein and Waronker aren’t enough for you to give this new artist a second glance and second hearing, then how about country music’s iconic rebel, Dwight Yoakam?

Yoakam and Chris Lord-Alge share co-producing credit in King Leg’s debut album “Meet King Leg” and its carrier single, “The Great Outdoors” has been raising awareness about this millennial mod country music artist that channels The Smiths.

“Dwight Yoakam and Chris Lord-Alge…sculpt[ed] the sound. I took these songs to Dwight, and he hand-picked the ones he wanted…sprinkled some sort of special stardust. [He] made them just explode in the studio,” King Leg says.

Adding further, ” A lot of that in your face rock sound is due to them. Dwight also helped arrange, and think of different parts as producers do.”

So you mix up King Leg’s mod, rock & roll, and lots of country and that’s how you end up with something like The Smiths in Nashville. But way cooler.

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#2 – Ray of Sound And Light

Ray Orbison’s vocals are legendary and comparing King leg to the musical icon, isn’t that too much?

“I hear a hint of Roy Orbison’s quavering vocal style on this tune (referring to King Leg’s single ‘The Great Outdoors’),” Bill DeVille, DJ and music blogger opines.

How does it feel to have the music industry and your fans say that you have the sound of Ray Orbison in you?

“In a way…I am continuing a conversation with him,” King Leg says reflectively especially as the artist, who died in 1988, “has kind of been an angel”. It’s a point of pride too especially as the legend of Orbison lives on with talents old and new, and his legacy is alive and well.

“He [Orbison] recorded [an album] in the late 60s that had never been released before. The [record company] got it out of the vault, mixed and mastered it, and put it out.”

So King Leg and Orbison, it’s still an on-going conversation. But the new artist has the legend’s soulful warble with quirky and modern all mixed like a gin cocktail.

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Dwight Yoakam  •  Randy Houser  •  Sawyer Brown
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#1 – Roundabout Sounds Right

Moving to LA is 2016, getting signed and putting out his EP, and then joining Yoakam, Lucinda Williams, and Steve Earle in the legendary LSD tour, how has the journey been?

“Moving to Nashville was a big step….pursue music seriously, and it’s always kind-of been a pipe dream,” King Leg recounts.

The artist actually had given up and decided to go to med school. But then the call of music was wild and intense. Then he decides to move to LA (reminds us of Dwight’s roundabout to Nashville fame) and puts together a cover band. Later he gets discovered by Yoakam, and then Waronker gets ahold of his music and recommends him to Stein, and now he is an artist to watch.

“It felt like I was where I needed to be…everything happened when looking at the path I took to get there,” King Leg says. “I didn’t expect…at all, and I’ve just been enjoying every little moment along the way.”

Hear more of the soulful warble and modish rock of King Leg at the Las Cruces Music Festival. Whether with beer, whiskey, chiles, or nachos, King Leg is making a name for himself.


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