Friday, Oct. 19

Artist Profile

King Leg

King Leg’s debut album MEET KING LEG, produced by Dwight Yoakam and Chris Lord-Alge, was released on October 20 via Warner Brothers Sire/Via Records.

Upon signing King Leg, Chairman of Sire Records Seymour Stein had the following to say: “King Leg makes American Music. It is Rock ‘n’ Roll, with a nod to R&B and Country – which as we know, helped to usher in Rock ‘n’ Roll back in the 1950s. The lightning rod for Rock ‘n’ Roll was when Elvis Presley signed to RCA in 1956 and put out ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. When I heard King Leg’s music, I was totally blown away – not just by the immediacy of the songs, but also the extraordinary voice – reminiscent of the great Roy Orbison. King Leg may be young, but musically he is fully mature.”

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