Friday, Oct. 11

Artist Profile

Cowboy Troy

Blending country and rap into his self-styled ‘hick-hop’ style, 6 feet 5 inches black rapper Cowboy Troy emerged at the start of the new millennium as one of the more unusual figured on the Nashville music scene. He first began performing while studying psychology at the University of Texas, wearing a cowboy hat and rapping over club beats at local club events. After a series of independent releases at the start of the new millennium, his music career began to go places when he became a regular contributor to the MUzikMafia round-table night, a Nashville-based weekly event organized by the country duo Big & Rich (John Rich and Kenny Alphin). His association with the duo strengthened when he began appearing as part of their live show and contributed some memorable moments to their hit 2004 album, Horse of a Different Colo, most notably on the track ‘Rollin’ (The Ballad of Big & Rich)’.

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